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Towing Oversize Boats in Queensland comes with a revised permit and rule book.

John Crawford Marine advises fellow trailer boat owners of over width boats that the rules were changed in July 2012. The legal width limit for any vehicle using Queensland roads is 2.50 metres. In Queensland, the Department of Transport and Main Roads provides limited access for vehicles that exceed regulation dimensions when carrying indivisible items. An indivisible item is one that cannot be divided without extreme effort, expense or risk of damage to it.

The Department has become aware of the increase for light vehicles towing trailers with boats that exceed regulations. To ensure these movements are undertaken in a safe manner the Department in conjunction with the Marine Queensland has developed a policy to assist in the movement of these vehicles. Class Permit 220-TH-12am1 is available for some types of vehicles carrying a boat where the boat has a width greater 2.50 metres up to 2.90 metres.

The following downloads explain the New Class Permit for Towing Oversize Recreational Vessels in full detail. Some people are taken by surprise that boats like the Trailcraft 660 are over width as are most American built boats like their popular Four Winns bow riders over 20 feet! So we recommend measuring your hulls beam and ensure you are under the 2.5m, if not these rules apply to you.

This permit expires on 30 June 2013.

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 Information Bulletin                          Towing Oversize Recreational Boats 
Class Permit

Transporting Boats 

This information is supplied in good faith and to assist boat owners understand their responsibility when towing boats on the road.