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Clark 340 Punt

$ 1,250.00
Aluminium punt dinghy/car topper
Hull Year: 2014
Boat Length: 3.4m

Clark 340 aluminium punt, manufactured new in 2014 and presents in very good condition and has done very little work as evident by photos.

Flat bottomed package offering excellent stability for its length and makes for an ideal car topper for the traveler and caravanner. Also, an excellent tender to a large mother boat as a dinghy to get up the creeks and chase the crabs!

Tender / Dinghy / Tinny / Small Boat / Jon punt all means an affordable small aluminium boat.

Beam of 1.42m, and a low weight of approx 88kg, it should fit most 4WD roof tops and be manageable.

If you have considered the Seajay Nomad, Quintrex Traveler or the Stacer range of car toppers and creek/estuary tinnies, then don’t hesitate in looking at the Clark 340 Punt.

$1,250 carry away as pictured and this price includes the costs of transferring the remaining Qld registration (expires April 2020) and Title search fee, so you can be assured you are buying a quality, non-encumbered tinny.

  • Overall Length                                                                                              3.48m
  •  Beam                                                                                                           1.42m
  •  Depth approx                                                                                                0.46m
  •  Approx weight of hull                                                                                    88kg
  •  Reccomended H/P                                                                                        8h/p
  •  Max H/P  on ABP Plate                                                                                10h/p
  •  Bottom Sheet                                                                                                1.6mm
  •  Side Sheet                                                                                                    1.6mm
  •  Shaft Size                                                                                                     Short shat transom
  •  Max H/P Weight                                                                                            58kg
  •  Max No. People                                                                                             2
  • 2 x Bow and 2 transom handles
  • 2 x Rowlocks
  • 2 x Welded Thwart Seats with Flotation
  • Rope Tie Lug
  • Double Bow Eye
  • Flat Foredeck
  • Screw in Bung x 1 (24mm)
  • Extruded Transom Corners
  • Transom Strut
Stock Number: UR6888s
Boat Usage: Leisure
New or Used: Used
Hull Material: Aluminium
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